Implant Pain

Whenever a patient is sitting in my chair and we are discussing implants there is normally one expression that comes out of their mouth... "I can't get implants because they will hurt". Whether it's that person trying to use the fear of pain as a excuse not to spend the money, or if they are truly afraid of the pain, I would like to try and relate to you my experiences. I have treated countless patients with implants. The treatments have ranged from something as simple as one implant to hold one side of a partial denture in place to as complicated as extracting every tooth in a persons mouth, placing ten implants, and then securing permanent teeth into their mouth. Out of all of these treatments the one sentiment that virtually all of my patients have expressed is: "That didn't hurt anywhere near what I thought it...
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Ok, here we go!

Welcome to the Parisien Denture Clinic's new website! There has been much time and effort put into building this website and I would like to thank Henry, the website developer, very much for all of his hard work and effort. It truly has paid off as I believe that he has created one of the most professional looking dental websites around. I hope that the look of this website will give all of my existing patients, as well as those of you I have not yet met, a glimpse at my vision for my clinic. My vision is to offer the best care possible for my patients and in an atmosphere that is professional, safe, clean and modern. As far as the clinic goes many of you may be wondering when it is going to be opened. It is my hope that the clinic will be open by...
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