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New Commercial

Starting November 25th, 2014 our new television commercial will be airing! We'd like to say a big thank you to Frances for offering her testimonial for the commercial. We'd also like to thank Media Street for filiming and putting together the commercial!
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Denturist Awareness Month

I Love My Denturist October is, or was, Denturist Awareness Month. Late in September I had the idea that I would take pictures of my patients holding up a sign that said "I Love My Denturist". I thought it would make a impact on others to see photos of denture wearers who were proud enough to tell the world that "I Love My Denturist" and at the same time that they have dentures. Yes, this would make a impact. But how on earth would I ever get people to want to have their picture taken like this? I didn't believe that I'd have many people at all who'd want to participate in this project. Not letting that thought deter me I sat down at my computer and a minute later I had my sign. A simple page...
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Effects Of Antibiotics On Dentures

We've all had to take antibiotics at some point in our lives. Some of us need to take them more often than others and some of us need to take more potent formulations of antibiotics than others. Whatever the reason for taking them, antibiotics are normally seen as a remedy to a infection. Many people do not realize that prolonged use(in some cases not so prolonged use) of antibiotics can lead to a imbalance of the natural flora of bacteria and fungus in our digestive tract. Antibiotics do not discriminate. Whether it's good or bad bacteria they kill it. Throughout our whole digestive tract(our mouths are part of it) there is a balance of bacteria and fungus that all play a vital role in our digestion. When antibiotics start to kill off bacteria in our digestive...
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