Full Dentures

Full dentures are placed when there are no remaining natural teeth in one or both of your jaws. Most of us associate dentures with looking big, false or unnatural. This doesn’t have to be the case! Dentures can be made to look just as natural as our natural teeth. We will work with you to choose a tooth that will compliment your unique facial structure and tooth shades and make sure you are happy with how they look. We’re not happy unless you are.

A full upper denture will get suction and stay up in place on the roof of the mouth. It works similar to placing a glass of water on a coaster on a hot summer day: Condensation forms on the glass and drips down to where the glass and coaster meet. The water creates a seal against the coaster and when you pick your glass up the coaster goes with it. It’s similar with a full upper denture. The denture fits very closely to the tissue in your mouth, like the glass on the coaster. There is saliva between the denture and your gums, like the water on the outside of the glass against the coaster. This creates suction and your full upper denture stays up in place.

A full lower denture does not have enough surface area to get any suction like a full upper denture gets. It is a unfortunate reality that a lower denture will always be able to lift up and down and be pushed out of the mouth by the tongue or cheeks. Dental implants can drastically improve the function and comfort of a full lower denture.

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