Dental implants can offer you levels of comfort and function that you could otherwise never obtain with conventional dentures.

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  1. Permanent teeth: A minimum of four implants would be placed in your upper or lower jaw, or both jaws. Your new teeth would then be secured to the implants. These teeth will not move or come out of your mouth. Think of it like having your natural teeth back! You even go back to brushing your teeth in your mouth again instead of in a cup by your bedside.
    Your new teeth would take up considerably less room in your mouth in comparison to a conventional denture. This helps make them feel more comfortable and natural.
    Permanent teeth offer the ultimate in convenience, function and comfort.
  2. Removable dentures retained by implants: Implants would be placed in your upper or lower jaw, or both jaws. Your new dentures will “click” or “snap” onto the implants when you place them in your mouth; Think of it working like a button on a jacket.
    You would need to place your fingers or thumbs underneath the dentures in order to pop or push them out of your mouth. Removable dentures on implants offer a drastic improvement in comfort and function in comparison to a denture without implants. Since you are still wearing a denture, however, you will still be able to experience all of the same issues that would typically be associated with dentures only these issues will happen much less. The dentures would still get loose, can get food underneath them and can still cause sore spots.
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