On Site Lab

Your teeth never leave our office

All of our teeth are made in our on site lab. This means that your teeth never leave our office and are never worked on by someone you have not met. The Denturist you are seeing is the one actually working on your teeth!

Our Denturists are highly trained in all laboratory aspects relating to dentures and implant retained dentures. From injection processing methods to flexible partial dentures we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to be able to deliver premium quality dentures.

Our laboratory has ample room to grow to accommodate additional Denturists, technicians and new equipment as technology advances. We currently have two workstations and have room to accommodate easily six workstations, effectively trippling the number of people that we would be able to treat.

Unfortunately the laboratory is one area of the clinic that is off limits to our patients and visitors due to hazardous equipment and materials. Many people, however, are often fascinated in the procedures and techniques which are used in making their dentures. Even though we can’t have you back in our laboratory please feel free to ask any of our staff, or your Denturist, questions about how your dentures are made. We’d be happy spend some time with you to explain exactly what goes on behind the scenes and tell you all about how your dentures are made. Here’s a brief run down on what happens:

1. Impressions are taken of your mouth.
2. Your impressions are poured with a material called “stone” which is similar to plaster of paris but much stronger.
3. Bite rims are fabricated which are used to find out how your jaws close together.
4. Your models are put together with your “bite” and mounted onto a artificial jaw called a “articulator”.
5. Your teeth are set up in wax.
6. Your teeth are tried in your mouth.
7. Once you are happy with the appearance of your teeth they are encased in plaster inside what is called a flask(not the kind you drink from).
8. The flask is heated and the wax is melted away, leaving the teeth in the exact same position they were during the try-in stage.
9. Acrylic is injected into the flask and the acrylic takes up the space where the wax used to be.
10.The flask is opened revealing a new denture which is then trimmed, polished and inserted in your mouth.


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