Partial Dentures

Non-metal Flexible Partial Dentures
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Partial dentures are made when you are missing some, but not all, of your natural teeth. Partial dentures are made to blend into the spaces between where your natural teeth are and where your natural teeth used to be. By choosing the appropriate shade, shape and size of tooth nobody will ever know that you were missing any teeth.

Typically partial dentures are made with wire clasps or “hooks” that go around your natural teeth to hold the partial denture in place. Depending on where these clasps need to be placed sometimes you will see them when you smile other times you will not see them at all. A flexible partial can be made to eliminate all metal in the partial denture. With a flexible partial denture there is still a clasp that goes around the tooth, however, it is made of a tissue coloured material as opposed to metal.

Many people decide not to have a partial denture made to replace the teeth they are missing. This can have many negative side effects. Without teeth in place to stop them, your natural teeth can shift over time and start to crowd into the space where your natural tooth used to be. This can eventually lead to not being able to have a partial denture at all or it could be very difficult to have one made. In addition, chewing can be much more difficult if you are missing your posterior(what you’d consider your back) teeth.

Missing one or more teeth, especially towards the front of your mouth can drastically diminish your self esteem. Having a partial denture made to replace these teeth will give you back the full smile you’ve always wanted!

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