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Not sure if you need a reline? Ask yourself: Are your dentures moving? Is food getting underneath your dentures? Has it been more than three years since you’ve had anything done to your dentures? If so… it’s most likely time to have a reline done!

Typically within 2-3 years after having a new denture made the bone in your mouth will have shrunk enough to notice movement of the denture. At this point the denture needs to be relined or rebased in order to achieve a proper fit again. Unless your schedule doesn’t allow it we can typically re-fit your dentures in one day. A visit to our office in the morning and a visit later in the afternoon is all it takes! Having a spare set of dentures will be very useful at this time since you will most likely be without your dentures for approximately five hours.

One of the common misconceptions that people have about dentures is that it’s the denture that changes and causes it to get loose. This, believe it or not, is not the case. A denture is made of plastic. If you set it down on your counter and come back 1,000 years later… it will be exactly the same as it was. It’s our mouths that change over time which cause the denture to become loose. Granted, the white tooth portion on the denture grudually wears down from chewing, however, this portion of the denture has no part in the fit of your denture.

Before having your denture(s) re-fitted your Denturist will most likely be placing what are called tissue conditioners, or “temporary linings” inside your denture(s). These linings help the tissue in your mouth heal so when it comes time to take impressions a accurate impression can be taken which will offer a better fit in the end.


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