Most Repairs Take Only 1 Hour!
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Have you broken your denture in half? Have you broken a tooth off your denture? Don’t worry! Many repairs to your denture can be done reasonably fast. Most simple repairs take about a hour to perform. Additions of teeth or clasps to a partial denture may take longer but can still be done within a few short hours.

Many people think that when we perform a repair to a broken denture that we simply “glue” it back together. If a denture is completely broken back together we initially glue it back together. Once the denture is back in one piece we make a repair model which covers the entire inside of your denture. After this repair model has set we start to grind out the “crack” in the denture. After we are finished we are left with a space typically about two millimeters wide. New acrylic is then flowed into this space and the acrylic is cured. After the acrylic has cured the repaired area is trimmed and polished and you then have your denture repaired with new plastic holding it together.

Teeth are added to a denture in the same way. The area where the tooth was broken is ground out slightly to accomodate the new acrylic, a new tooth is fitted into place and new acrylic is then poured into place to bond the new tooth to the denture.

When having your denture repaired you are more than welcome to wait in our waiting room or there are several coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance from our clinic. In the time it takes you to have a coffee there’s a good chance that your denture can be repaired.


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