Tooth Whitening

If you’re having a new partial denture made ask us about tooth whitening.

Whitening your teeth can revive your smile and give you a bright, radiant smile that will be attractive to others. If you wear partial dentures we can whiten your natural teeth before we start to make your new partial denture. This way when we are ready to pick out the shade of teeth for your new denture(s) we can choose a shade that will match your newly whitened natural teeth. In the end your natural teeth will be whiter and the teeth on your new partial denture will blend in seamlessly giving you the bright, white look that you have always wanted.

Using Vita’s new EasyShade Advanced 4.0 tooth shade tool we can accurately and precisely determine the shade of your natural teeth or the artificial teeth on your denture. Using a special shade guide in conjunction with the EasyShade Advanced we can measure the shade of your teeth before and after your tooth whitening. In the end it will also show us how much your teeth have whitenend in a easy to follow format by simply showing us that your teeth whitened 1, 2, 3 or more shades. Simple isn’t it?

Preparing to whiten your teeth will take only one appointment. During this appointment impressions will be taken to custom make a set of “bleaching” trays. Typically within two days you can return to the office, pick up your new custom fitted trays and materials and start whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home.


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