Barry Parisien DD

Barry is a denture specialist who has been practicing in Windsor since 2000.
As a Denturist Barry practices all aspects in relation to the fabrication of dentures. He fabricates full and partial dentures, re-fits and repairs existing dentures and specializes in both removable and permanent teeth on implants.

Barry was one of the first Denturists in the Windsor area to perform the groundbreaking All-On-4 permanent teeth procedure and has since performed this treatment for numerous satisfied patients. The All-On-4 procedure can give you back something similar to your natural teeth in as little as 4 hours, even if you have teeth that need to be extracted.

Barry has taught courses across Canada to Denturists and Dental Technicians on how to create more natural looking and better functioning dentures through the Gerber setup philosophy. Barry has studied under Dr. Ulrich Weggman, from the University of Bonn, on the treatment of TMJ disorders and computerized Jaw Tracking.

Barry is a BPS certified Denturist. What does BPS certification mean? BPS stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System and means that Barry has undergone training to provide ‘top of the line’ dentures using teeth and equipment from Ivoclar Vivodent. Ivoclar teeth in conjunction with Ivoclar’s industry leading SR Ivocap injection system help produce some of the most natural looking and best fitting dentures available.

Barry was on the Denturist Association of Ontario’s Board of Directors and served as the 2nd Vice President of the Denturist Association of Ontario from 2010-2011.