Getting A Quote Over The Phone

It seems so far this year(I’m writing this on Feb. 6th, 2015) we have been getting many phone calls with questions like “I need a denture, how much does it cost?”. Perhaps this rise in phone calls with people “shopping around” is due to the fact that the Christmas holidays have recently passed us by and money is still tight for some people. Perhaps it’s because of the wintery conditions and people just don’t want to leave their houses because of the snow. Whatever the reason, let me try to explain why we can’t give quotes over the phone for your dental treatment.

Giving a quote for dental treatment over the phone would very much be like calling a contractor and asking them how much it’s going to cost to build a house. The contractor doesn’t know where you want to build your house, how big your house is, what type of materials you want to use and so on. The same is true when asking for a quote for dentures or implant treatment.

The question “How much does a denture cost?” isn’t as simple as most people may think it is. A denture is much like a finger print, no two are the same. Some people’s dentures will be much more complex to fabricate than others or may require additional treatments to get the end result that we want to achieve. All of these factors will affect the final cost of the denture. Firstly, a exam needs to be performed. During this exam we may notice irritations that need to be addressed first. Do these irritations require adjustments to your dentures? Do these irritations require more involved treatments than simply an adjustment? Do you need to be referred to a dentist or oral surgeon prior to having your denture made? Do you want to have premium or standard teeth in your denture? Do you already have implants? Perhaps you didn’t realise what implants could do for you but now you want them. Do you really need a new denture or simply need to have your existing denture re-fitted? Do you require a full or partial denture? Do you want a acrylic, flexible or cast metal partial denture? And the list goes on.

When explaining to someone over the phone that we need to examine their mouth before we can give them a price many people will try to explain the condition of their mouth. “My gums are fine”, “I have five missing teeth”, “I want implants”. None of these explanations, to the best of your abilities, give us the information that is required to provide you with a accurate quote.

Now here’s what happens with most people who are shopping around for anything… they go with the lowest price. There’s a saying that I’ve always told people when they ask me for a deal or my “best price” on dentures. I tell them that there’s two things in life that they don’t want to get a deal on: healthcare and parachutes. Choosing your dentures and who makes them should be much more than simply getting the lowest price over the phone.

In today’s society of instant everything it’s understandable why people think they can get a quote over the phone for a denture. “It’s just a denture anyways, right? Why do I have to go talk to someone about it?”, many people have asked.

A denture is more than a denture. A denture is a prosthetic replacement for one of the most important things in our lives… our teeth. Without our teeth we cannot chew. Without our teeth we do not want to talk to others or smile. Without our teeth it’s harder to find a job. Without our teeth it’s harder to find a partner. Without our teeth we don’t feel like ourselves. Don’t you think that it’s worth taking 30 minutes to sit down and talk with a professional about something as important your teeth?

I hope this gives you a brief insight into why we don’t give quotes over the phone. So the next time that you call us and are offered a free consultation in lieu of a quote over the phone I hope that you will take us up on the offer so we can really figure out how we can best help you and provide you with a accurate, customized treatment plan/quote.


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