Getting Used To New Dentures

So you’ve just gotten dentures for the first time, or perhaps a new set of dentures to replace older ones, and find that they feel completely different. This is normal when getting a new set of teeth. Even having a filling placed in one tooth can feel strange, let alone having 28 new teeth in your mouth which are surrounded by plastic or metal. Here are some tips to help you get used to your new teeth:

1. Wear them all the time! Many people will get home and take the dentures out because they feel strange. If you denture is sitting on your bathroom counter your mouth will never get used to how it feels. Wear your new dentures all day long, even if there’s nobody else around. You’ll quickly find that the strange feeling isn’t all that strange as the days start to go by.

2. Read out loud. Many people feel like they are pronouncing words differently when they get a new set of teeth. Grab a book or the newspaper and start reading out loud to yourself. Your tongue will get lots of practice this way. Luckily speech issues typically work themselves out in the first week or two for most people.

3. Eat softer foods in the beginning. You wouldn’t go run a marathon in a pair of running shoes you just took home from the store, right? Don’t go out and eat a steak as your first meal with your new teeth. Your new teeth will feel and work slightly different than your old teeth. Your tongue may need to learn how to place food differently on top of the new teeth in comparison to before and everything will just feel strange in general. Eating softer foods like chicken, fish, pasta, ground beef for the first little while will help you become familiar with how your new teeth work.

4. If it hurts… call your Denturist. If you have pain after receiving your new dentures call your Denturist immediately. Many people think that the pain will simply go away. The truth is, after having work done to your old teeth or having new teeth made can cause sore spots which need to be adjusted and they typically will not go away on their own. Don’t feel like you’re bothering your practitioner! This is our job and we’re here to help you.

It will typically take 6-8 weeks for someone to feel like their new teeth belong in their mouth, sometimes longer. The most important thing is don’t give up!


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