I Spend How Much Money?

My dentures are going to cost how much, did you say??

This is something I hear quite often. There are many people, especially people who have never had to have dentures made before, who get sticker shock when they find out how much it’s going to cost to replace their teeth. There’s no way around it; Healthcare is expensive and dental treatment is part of healthcare. If we look at some typically everyday/month expenditures that we all make though… the cost of your dentures is cheap in comparison.

Here’s some figures from 2014 from Statistics Canada. These are all things that we don’t even really think twice about spending money on. We need our cell phones. We need our internet. We need our cable TV. We need to go clothes shopping every season. On average we don’t think twice about spending:

$2,436 per year on communications(cell phones, internet, cable TV)
$3,502 per year on clothing and accessories
$1,207 per year on personal care(getting your hair cut, makeup, ect)
$3,843 per year on recreation(vacations, gas for your boat, ect)
$1,222 per year on tobacco and alcohol
$1,608 per year on miscellaneous things

That ads up to $13,818 each and every year on average that we spend on things that we could probably cut back on or go without completely. That’s a lot of money.

Now… we typically need new dentures every five years. So take all of these expenses and multiply them by five.

$12,180 every five years on communications
$17,515 every five years on clothing and accessories
$6,035 every five years on personal care
$19,215 every five years on recreation
$6,111 every five years on tobacco and alcohol
$8,040 every five years on miscellaneous things

That ads up to… wait for it… a total of $69,096. Now we’re talking about a huge amount of money. A huge amount of money spent on things that we believe we need each and every day, month and year. You know what you need every minute, hour and day, though? Your teeth. And let me tell you… your new dentures will cost much less than what you spend on tobacco and alcohol every five years(tobacco and alcohol were the smallest expenditure on our list). Isn’t having teeth in your mouth that you can chew with and are happy with how they look more important than your weekly bottle of Chardonnay or your six pack of Bud Light? Aren’t your teeth more important than having a cell phone to send texts on?

What I would suggest to everyone who has dentures is this: set aside some money every month which can be used towards your dentures. I’d suggest somewhere around $40 per month if you only have one denture, $70 per month if you have two dentures. This should be enough money to cover the cost of maintenance throughout the life of your denture, yearly exams as well as replacing your teeth every five years. If you have the extra cash to put away more money for your teeth(think of how much money you spend just on your cell phone and internet each month) you may just be able to save up enough to have implants placed the next time you need new teeth. This will then increase your quality of life in a way that you can only imagine.


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